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White Star Cement

White Star Cement

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Rugby® White is a white Portland cement with similar setting and hardening properties to standard grey cements. This makes it perfectly suited for production of attractive and durable visual concrete, mortars and renders.


Colour-forming materials (principally oxides of iron) are excluded or minimised in the manufacturing process in order to produce a white cement.

White or light coloured finishes may be obtained with selected aggregates or sands and the cement also provides an excellent basis for the use of pigments to produce coloured mortars and concretes.

White Cement Benefits

  • Colour Enhancing Properties - will enhance colour when used with pigments
  • Reduces Pigment Costs - Due to the colour enhancing properties of Rugby White Cement
  • More vivid colours can be achieved compared to using grey cements
  • Rapid strength gain, ideal for use where early stripping times are required
  • Our cement is Chromium (VI) Compliant - which is intended to reduce the risk of allergic contact dermatitis

White Cement Applications

Rugby White Cement can be used to enhance a variety of applications, including:

  • Light coloured mortars & concretes
  • Architectural and decorative applications where enhanced aesthetic is required
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